Overview of indu4.0 – the integration of blockchain in the manufacturing industry

Emerging at the convergence of the blockchain and manufacturing sectors, indu4.0 is a Swiss company which aims to establish a global marketplace by enabling the opening of new markets, substantial cost reductions, safe data interchange, and virtual trade fairs. It provides a digital B2B marketplace that facilitates the matching of supply and demand efficiently, rapidly, and cost-effectively. 

Overall, the ecosystem offers advantages such as blockchain-based payments, NFT security, and access to virtual environments to generate new prospects for all customers. We think that the expansion and scalability of the platform economy make it possible for all stakeholders to benefit.

Uncovering the Purpose behind indu4.0

One of the core advantages of indu4.0 is that it aims to revolutionise one of the biggest industries in the world, with a unique perspective of converging the capabilities facilitated by blockchain technologies. 

By integrating blockchain technology and adding virtual processes, the indu4.0 project wants to transform the manufacturing business and take it to a whole new level, with the ultimate aim to create a worldwide marketplace for the manufacturing sector. The team behind indu4.0 asserts that the platform enables the opening of new markets, substantial cost reductions, safe data interchange, and virtual trade fairs. 

For this pursuit, the platform standardised the inputs of given and requested skills based on domain-specific information. Their thorough filtering system enables a precise search and, consequently, a high success rate for any specific demand. 

Technical Aspects of the Platform

The indu4.0 platform is hosted in the cloud on Google’s Firebase, and programming and ongoing development of the platform is performed internally and in collaboration with external partners. 

Buyers will be able to use the indu4.0 platform without signing in and can use all search capabilities. A free user account is necessary for a user to access extensive information on the search result’s providers. The purchaser is able to keep his search searches and is instantly notified of platform updates. With a subscription, the customer may also choose his preferred vendors and profit from a created summary. The platform may improve the purchaser’s supplier network based on user behaviour. 

Conversely, the supplier may register a free user account and include up to two competencies in his organisation profile. With a membership, the provider can submit more competencies and will thus appear more often in search results. The input masks feature a contemporary design and are immediately editable in view mode. With its business profile, each supplier is given a chance to promptly and concisely promote its services. A subscription to inquiries gives the provider access to the offer requests of customers. 

Aiming to reward loyal users, they provide the clients INDU tokens in exchange for activities performed on our site (e.g., book an indu4.0 subscription, keep the company profile updated). Customers join in one of three loyalty tiers based on their individual utilisation of the indu4.0 platform and income produced. 

Moreover, the indu4.0 platform has a loyalty programme through which users may earn rewards from INDU tokens. The incentives ensure that a growing number of individuals use the indu4.0 platform regularly, guaranteeing that the platform’s user base continues to grow. 

Tokenomics & Sales

Overall, the INDU currency will function on a blockchain/distributed ledger that enables smart contracts. The team is now in the evaluation phase of the indu4.0 project to establish the appropriate technical solution. 

There will be three sales rounds, one private and two public. As part of the registration process for the private sale, purchasers must submit a signed SAFT Agreement and a specific application; for the two public sale rounds, just KYC is necessary. Each sale round’s maximum purchase limit, sale price, and sale start time may be seen on the official website. 

33% of INDU tokens will be made available for purchase by the general public as part of an offering that will be conducted as a public sale (subject to a successful KYC and acceptance of terms and conditions). 

Only 4% of the available lots are purchased in the private sale.

Up to 18% of INDU tokens may be utilised to ensure the platform’s long-term functioning, stability, and development. Subsequently, 8% of the funds will go to our advisers and partners for providing vital support and network, and 10% of the funds will go to the team and founders of the company. 

Functionality of indu4.0

During testing, the following functionalities are accessible during testing: complex filtering logic, services recording and displaying (provider), expiration of memberships (provider) 

Subsequently, they announced that at launch, the following new features would be available: 

  • Multilingual (EN, DE, FR, IT) 
  • Purchaser account information 
  • Search tool accessible to guests without registration 
  • Contact opportunities between buyer and seller 
  • Subscriptions to platforms paid for using INDU tokens 
  • Metaverse for marketing and trade shows/events – NFT creator for your important papers (e.g., 3D drawing) 

Likewise, the following improvements are scheduled: 

  • Professional instrument for buyers (favourites, overviews, optimisation)
  • Reporting for vendors and customers 


Since the project was not launched already, the viability of the project is not tested. In addition, they have a Relatively small Team so far, and the Sale Start is to be announced.

Website: https://www.indu40.io/


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