How Winner Block Leverages Blockchain Technology to Revolutionise the Gaming Sector

As a result of the increasing demands of players for an improved gaming experience that is both safer and more open, the online gaming realm is constantly evolving. Winner Block introduces a brand-new gaming concept, implemented using blockchain technology, and totally open, easily accessible, and trustworthy. 

Uncovering the Dynamics of Winner Block

Winner Block has built its own web application, scheduled for release on July 20th, 2022. This platform places a high priority on allowing its users to earn the greatest rewards possible. The jackpot amount reflects the entire amount of revenue generated by the minting of NFT WCards via the application.

In addition to the actual game, Winner Block’s technology ensures that token holders have access to a robust and dependable compensation plan. Hence, Winner Block allows players to gamble in an environment free from risk and make investments in a reliable and stable economy. 

In 2021, the worldwide market for online gambling was estimated at USD 57.54 billion and is anticipated to rise at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030. Considering the proliferation of users accessing this industry, establishing a game system that is open, honest, and beneficial to all parties involved is the ultimate goal of Winner Block

Exploring the Ecosystem of Winner Block

Winner Block has its own token, enabling people to access its ecosystem, participate in its economy, buy NFTs, and do much more. When the private sale of WBlock tokens is complete, they will be made accessible to the general public on Pancakeswap.  WBlock is used across the whole of the Winner Block ecosystem, there are no extra costs associated with it.

Overall, the WBlock token is operated on behalf of the general public, since the general public owns it. The WBlock token smart contract is being developed to give this token more purchasing power and open up a wide variety of doors in a decentralized world. Players will be able to link their wallets, manage their WBlock tokens, and participate in decentralized gaming with the assistance of the Winner Block Web Application. 

How Winner Block Offers Rewards

Aiming to offer incentives for all the ecosystem members, Winner Block provides three different WCards available to be won: bronze, silver, and gold. Players will get a steady stream of countless small rewards on a daily basis. 

The only thing the participants need to do to participate in the next draw is to make their own WCard by picking four numbers and creating a deck for themselves. There will be a drawing for the grand prize every week, and daily prizes will also be given away. There will only be a limited number of tickets available. 

Since the working mechanism of Winner Block requires participants to have at least one accurate number in the draw to be eligible for a prize, this means that everyone who participates in the game has a chance to win anything. In addition, Winner Block is dedicated to rewarding each player by eliminating the need to correctly predict all four numbers to be eligible for a prize. They are eligible for a reward even if they just estimate one of the numbers precisely.

Overall, the jackpot will be distributed as follows: 70% will go to the winners, 10% will be donated to charity, 10% will go to the team, and 10% will be given to the holders. The procedure for awarding the jackpot will be carried out in an open and honest manner, and players will be able to monitor its progress in real-time. 

Comprehending the Benefits of Winner Block

This network is decentralized, and as a result, it is completely transparent and open to all users. The players will always have the opportunity to check and see how the prize is being distributed. Moreover, we should emphasize that the platform’s prizes will be significant, and the road to obtaining these benefits is straightforward. 

Because Winner Block is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the people and the environment, 10% of the proceeds from each jackpot are donated to various charitable organizations. Players that join Winner Block are not just tuning in to a high-quality gaming experience but also to something far larger and more useful to their lives. 

Uncovering the Risks Posed by Winner Block

Nevertheless, like with any other novel initiative, several risks are associated with this project, which the founders overtly acknowledge in Winner Block’s white paper.

In the event that the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concludes that the WBlock token platform poses a security concern, it is possible that potential purchasers may be barred from gaining access to the platform and purchasing tickets. 

Although Winner Block’s headquarters are in the United Kingdom, customers worldwide may purchase their products. However, there is a possibility that the licence will not be granted or that it will include expensive requirements or fees, which might significantly affect the platform’s ability to operate in the manner specified in this document. 

Moreover, WBlock may not meet the regulatory systems and procedures already in place to reduce the danger of money laundering and the funding, either directly or indirectly, of terrorist activities.

Moving Forward with Winner Block

One of the upcoming attractions prepared by Winner Block right is a presale event that begins today and will run through June 20th. During this presale period, a total of 30 million WBlock tokens will be made accessible at a favorable price. Participants will get a Founder Edition that will give them access to play the Founders Draw and additional lifelong privileges. 

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