DOME: The Token Powering The First Hyper-realistic Metaverse

The promise of the metaverse is fast approaching, and an ever-growing number of companies are entering this market to join in the fun —and, of course, reap the benefits this new virtual space has to offer.

Facebook became Meta, Microsoft has invested a small fortune, and companies such as Roblox and Decentraland are betting unapologetically on the metaverse. It’s becoming increasingly evident that the world —and more importantly, the market— is ready for this new and engaging way of experiencing human connection at all levels.

Everdome is one of the metaverse pioneers. It’s a hyper-realistic metaverse iteration with an ambitious goal: to provide an entirely ubiquitous Web3 experience that will make it hard for users to tell what’s real and what’s not once they take their VR headsets off.

Let’s explore this hyper-realistic metaverse project and analyze its native token, DOME.

What is Everdome?

Everdome is a metaverse project that is working to build a true-to-life virtual space where individuals and brands will be able to leverage endless possibilities. 

Metahero and WDW are collaborating to bring Everdome to life, combining the virtual world with the real world through next-gen scanning technology to offer users new experiences and opportunities. This way, Metahero ultra-HD avatars and scanned physical objects from the real world will interact and live in Everdome’s virtual space.

This new iteration of the metaverse will serve as a digital ecosystem for users to hang out, engage in some gaming and even have work meetings. Also, and perhaps more importantly, all brands that settle in Everdome will be able to market their products to their existing and new customers.

Everdome’s ultimate goal is to bring brands and people together to build an outstanding Web3 experience in a hyper-realistic setup. And to that end, both companies and individuals will be able to purchase and sell land in Everdome, lease or rent their property, advertise products and services and sell them via a built-in marketplace.

The team behind Everdome has high expectations for the actual applications of their project and envisions widespread adoption of the metaverse across every industry, from gaming, fashion, and social media all the way to healthcare.

The complex financial infrastructure supporting Everdome will allow companies and people to buy and sell everything they want and need for their metaverse experience. The purpose is to follow a similar logic to the real world, one of scarcity and high prices for in-demand virtual assets.

And that infrastructure is based on Everdome’s native token, DOME.

The DOME Token

The Everdome (DOME) token is the native cryptocurrency of Everdome’s metaverse platform and it powers the entire experience.

A quick overview of the token

Token NameDOME
Token TickerDOME
Circulating Supply21,305,099,983
Market Cap$190,205,605
Max Supply100,000,000,000
Total Supply100,000,000,000
PlatformBNB Smart Chain

DOME Benefits & Utility

The DOME token will power all experiences across Everdome’s metaverse. With DOME, holders can:

  • Purchase land in Everdome in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs to increase their holdings and assets in the metaverse and strengthen their presence there.
  • Buy, rent, or lease property to expand their real estate portfolio and enhance value, just like in the real world.
  • Advertise their products or services in an innovative way to increase their reach and potential customer base.
  • Buy and sell products in built-in Everdome dedicated marketplaces.

Another cool aspect of the DOME token is that it allows for staking. You can connect your wallet to their website and start earning passive income via DOME staking right away.

DOME Token Distribution

The DOME token is a BNB Smart Chain token with a total supply of 100,000,000,000, which will be distributed as follows:

  • 15% (15,000,000,000 tokens) to the team at 0% TGE with 5% unlocked each month after.
  • 21.5% (21,500,000,000 tokens) for exchange listings & liquidity a20% TGE with 10% unlocked each month after.
  • 12% (12,000,000,000 tokens) to strategic partners & advisors at 0% TGE with 5% unlocked each month after
  • 24.5% (24,500,000,000 tokens) for staking, in-game rewards & development at 20% TGE with 10% unlocked each month after
  • 0.5% (500,000,000 tokens) for a private round at 10% TGE with 2% vested weekly
  • 10% (10,000,000,000 tokens) for company reserves at 10% TGE with 5% unlocked each month after
  • 3% (3,000,000,000 tokens) for marketing, which will be unlocked.
  • 7.5% (7,500,000,000 tokens) for the exclusive HERO presale at 10% TGE with 2% vested weekly
  • 5% (5,000,000,000 tokens) for the Tenset Gem Launchpad (TGLP) at 10% TGE with 2% vested weekly
  • 1% ( tokens) for the Tenset partnership at 20% TGE with 10% vested monthly

The Road Ahead

The Everdome project is set for some major milestones in the coming quarters. They plan to expand their team and onboard strategic investors to deepen their vision and continue building their metaverse.

Also, they want to further CEX listings and plan to launch their second staking stage.

Final Thoughts

The Everdome project is packed with exciting possibilities for investors and holders. It seamlessly brings together several elements of the Web3 ecosystem: the metaverse, NFTs, and crypto, among others.

With the ambitious promise of a hyper-realistic metaverse where individuals and brands can interact, trade, and connect, Everdome is doing its part in bringing about the true widespread adoption of several next-gen technologies.

The DOME token will play a key role in realizing this project’s vision and will prove valuable to those interested in immersing themselves in Everdome’s metaverse experience.


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